Posted on 07-07-2017

Cladded buildings offer an impressive finish on a building. Specialist cladding systems require cladding maintenance and cladding repair and having worked on some of the largest cladded buildings in the country, we can ensure your cladded buildings are kept as good as new.


Common issues

Having worked in this industry for 30 years there are a few common problems that we can identify. These include:

  • Loose panels
  • Damaged panels
  • Missing fixings
  • Water ingress repairs


cladding repair & cladding maintenance

Cladding Maintenance & Cladding Repair Solutions


Having identified the common issues it’s important that we offer solutions to these. We offer condition and survey reports on existing systems so that we can repair and maintain these products to high standards and make sure our services meet the needs of customers. In order to repair the above problems we also offer the following solutions:

  • Water ingress investigation and resolution
  • Repairs and refurbishment to framework and panels
  • Replacement of damaged panels
  • Frame and classing colour match replacements


We can still help with the ongoing maintenance and repairs needed for your cladding. Contact us to see if we can help you with your project at or call us on 0121 248 0247.


cladding maintenance and cladding repair