Posted on 28-07-2017

Pivot windows are hung on one hinge at centre points on each of two opposite sides. This means that windows can revolve when they are opened. They can either be vertical with the hinges mounted top and bottom or horizontal, with the hinges mounted at each side.


Modern pivot hinges incorporate a friction device to hold the window open against its own weight and may have restrictions and reversed locking built-in. In the UK, where this type of window is most common, they are extensively installed in high-rise social housing buildings.


The Benefits of Pivot Windows

Pivot windows can be easily cleaned as the window can rotate. This allows easy access to the inner and outer surfaces of the glass which means they can be cleaned from inside the room.


They can provide an attractive aesthetic both inside and outside due to the position of their hinges and the direction the windows can open. They have fewer restrictions with the fact that they can open different ways to traditional windows to allow maximum light and ventilation in a room.


They can provide all-weather protection and because they pivot you can allow ventilation into a room without rain ingress.


pivot windows


A&C Contracts Case Study

We carried out a project to replace old, defective pivots of windows across 19 floors of a building. Over time, the pivots had become weak and had seized up leaving the windows unusable. The pivots were discontinued products that we had to have completely reproduced by a new supplier. Our approach meant the customer could prolong the life of their windows at a smaller cost than a complete replacement.


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