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Working for over 20 years as the preferred contractor on the HMRC estates, A&C has built a reputation for providing cost-effective refurbishments across an aged building stock, whereas most other contractors could only offer multi-million-pound new replacement windows as a solution to window defects. A&C’s extensive expertise allowed us to provide cost-effective solutions by repairing and refurbishing the windows in situ.

Alexander House is a 16-storey purpose-built office building, occupying a prominent site within Southend-on-Sea, completed in 1973. Although the building had been looked after, time had taken its toll on the building’s aluminium vertical sliding sash vents, creating work required to bring them back into safe use.

Alexander House

The A&C team carried out a refurbishment project across all 16 floors, repairing and refurbishing over 5000 windows throughout the building, utilising a combination of new sash springs, vent gaskets and seals, replacement glazing and window safety restrictors to bring Alexander House back to its former glory.

The result was safe and operating windows across the site for the first time in many years, while delivering with a huge cost saving to our client.

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