Posted on 06-06-2017

At A&C Contracts when it comes to glazing repair & maintenance, Pilkington glass is one of our specialities. As one of the few referred contractors, we have years of quality experience with maintaining Pilkington glass products.

The Pilkington Planar® systems are a market leader and for very good reason. Ideal for large architectural glass structures, Pilkington Planar® glass is stable, safe, meets high-quality standards and looks great, ensuring the integrity of an architect’s design.


Pilkington Glazing replacement

Should the need arise to replace or repair any Pilkington glazing units, A&C Contracts are a nominated Pilkington Planar® contractor.  Having carried out replacements as large as 300kg and 100ft off the ground, there’s no job that we can’t tackle.

We understand the need for business continuity and health and safety. If you’d like to discuss your Pilkington Glass repair, maintenance or refurbishment project, we’d be more than happy to help.


The effectiveness of Pilkington

The effectiveness of Pilkington Planar® is demonstrated brilliantly in Birmingham where the glass has been used extensively on many buildings. One prominent building using Pilkington Glass is the Bull Ring in the city centre.

With a complete glass facade and atrium-style roof, the feeling of light and space in the Bull Ring is made possible with the Pilkington Planar® tension structure design. This kind of glazing can transform a building stylistically whilst functioning just as well.

A&C Contracts work with the Bull Ring Birmingham to maintain their Pilkington Glass facade and roof.



Benefits of Pilkington Planar® systems

The design flexibility of Pilkington, without a need for a full metal frame, allows horizontal and overhead glazing to be implemented. As seen with the Bull Ring previously mentioned.

From the first triple glazed frameless systems to integral systems, the benefits of Pilkington systems are many.

  • Greater acoustic performance
  • Very large modules available, longer spans of glass with fewer fixings
  • Increased load capacity and high wind applications available
  • Extensively tested for seismic and bomb blast durability
  • Superior fastening systems allow for easier maintenance
  • Wider choice of glass available for design flexibility

Pilkington offers a range of products demonstrably compliant with building regulations. Use the Pilkington product finder to explore the range of products and their benefits.