Glass Fin Replacement

Offices, Birmingham
Glass Fin Replacement

Our client CBRE reported a breakage to a structural glass fin in the glazed entrance of a central Birmingham office.

Project Details:

--> 10m High triple glazed laminated fin

--> Weight - 500KG

--> The fin had 20 specially drilled holes

--> 7 day project


The broken glass at site was a 10m tall structural glazed fin located internally behind the main entrance glass screen. The glass fin is connected to the main entrance screen via bolt-on fixings. To remove and replace the fin the entrance screen would need to be removed. We worked closely with CBRE and the building team to set up a secure weathertight area that would allow us to carry out the works without affecting the building occupants or affecting the security of the site.

In order to undertake the replacement of the fin we had to remove the glazed entrance screen. This involved removing the lighting and cutting out the ceiling, along with removing the external pavement and internal floor. This gave us the room to replace the large fin with the use of a specialist crane. The crane had to be specially selected as the floor it was located on had a weight limit. Once the replacement fin was in place, we then had to install the existing glazing on the entrance screen.


The glass fin replacement was complete and the entrance screen reconstructed to its original design. The works were carried out without affecting the day to day use of the building's occupants.

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