The Mailbox, Birmingham
Atrium Glazing

Our client requested our help with a broken double glazed unit located in the atrium glazing system.

A&C initially removed the broken toughened glass to make safe and secure the broken unit until replacement works could be carried out.

Project Details:

--> 3.5m high double glazed unit - with bespoke ceramic dot matrix

--> Weight - 250kg

--> Specialist crane lift

--> 1 day project

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The project objective was to carry out the replacement of 1no. Broken double glazed unit without affecting the residential tenants above and the commercial tenants below.

It was also important for us to match the glass to the existing specification at site. Although not always possible, thanks to our long experience and contacts within the industry we were able to match the product like for like, meaning that there would be no visible difference to the atrium after the replacements had been completed.

Working closely with building management, we were able to put together a project that allowed for minimum disruption to the residents living above the broken unit and the shopping centre tenants below. Normally works should be carried out ‘out of hours’ as to not affect commercial customers, but due to the mixed use nature of residents and commercial tenants, A&C provided a project solution that would allow the works to be carried out ‘in hours’, allowing for the shopping centre below to stay open and the residents not to be impacted by the works.

A&C liaised with residents, tenants, and building management to come up with a solution that suited all stakeholders.


The works were completed safely and successfully, thanks to careful planning and organisation with building management and residents. We were able to offer an exact match so as to not affect the aesthetic appearance of the atrium.


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