Posted on 31-08-2017

Being at the very front of your building, revolving doors help to create a great first impression of your business. This also means that they can be prone to accidental damage and daily wear and tear.

At A&C Contracts our wealth of experience allows us to quickly identify where the problem is and provide a solution to fix it.


Advantages of Revolving Doors

Revolving doors can not only provide an upscale look to a building but they can save money.

They are never left fully open or closed allowing heat to stay in and the air conditioning balance to be maintained. They are effective at also keeping the flow of people regulated in and out of a building, This can add to the safety of a building as they are very easy for people to use if they are carrying bags in and out of a building or lifting heavy objects.

Revolving doors are suitable for most buildings as they can benefit all sorts of different shapes and sizes of premises. As they are, most likely, the doors which are used most frequently they can succumb to door stiffness and minor glass damage and our specially trained staff are experts in being able to quickly fix these problems.


Revolving Door Replacement Case Study

Work recently carried out by A&C Contracts was for the replacement of a curved panel in a revolving door. We removed a broken panel to fit a new clear laminated panel. Laminated glass was the preferred choice in this case. Should any glass get broken the interlayer can hold the whole piece in place so no hole is left in the glass. This work took place in central London for a high profile building. Due to the location, we carried out the work through the night to avoid crowds.


revolving-door-replacement-revolving-door-repair revolving-door-replacement-revolving-door-repair

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