Posted on 27-09-2017

Secondary glazing means a “secondary” internal window is installed on the inside of your existing window. Once it has been installed, it’s as if you have double glazing. This can be fitted alongside almost any existing window on your property.

Secondary glazing is a great option if you have to retain pre-existing windows or cannot afford double glazing but don’t want to compromise on quality. At A&C Contracts we are able to install your secondary glazing to meet the standards of your building.


Benefits of Secondary Glazing


Works alongside your existing windows


secondary glazing icon


Secondary glazing is cheaper and easier to fit than replacement windows as they don’t require anything to be completely removed or replaced. Once installed, they can provide extra protection for your original windows. They can be a great effective solution where windows can’t be replaced, budgets can’t stretch or you are in a property where major changes can’t be made.

In listed buildings or areas where there are specific planning permission rules in place, secondary glazing can also be useful. Older buildings can often be draughty and as secondary glazing doesn’t require planning permission it’s a great solution to reducing heat loss and improving sound insulation. It also acts as a barrier to keep external noises from coming into your property through closed windows.


Heat loss is reduced


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A major long-term benefit of secondary glazing is that it has great heat retention properties. Once installed, it helps to prevent the heat that may be lost with your existing primary window and the cold air that comes into your property.

This allows heat generated from your heating system to remain inside and not be lost through inefficient windows, whilst at the same time minimising draughts to help your property feel warmer. This can also help to bring your heating bill cost down as you are making your property more energy-efficient which is good for you and good for the environment.


At A&C Contracts, installing secondary glazing is one of our specialities so get in touch today for a quote or to talk to a member of our team.