Posted on 18-07-2017

We are all looking for things that can make our lives easier, and tilt & turn windows on your property should be no exception. They should fit with the aesthetic of your property, and keep you safe, as well warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We offer tilt & turn window repair and tilt & turn window replacement to make sure this is the case.

Common Issues With Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn windows can have some common issues that we are able to help with and these can be avoided with regular maintenance. Common issues can include failed window mechanisms where they have either been broken from misuse or age, a general lack of maintenance and broken glazing.

Tilt & Turn Window Repair & Tilt & Turn Window Replacement 

We will always do what is best for you and your property and give you the quickest solution so as not to disrupt your property as best we can.

We repair & replace on a like for like basis whilst taking into account all building regulations, fire safety rules and safety glass where we need to. We can replace broken or cracked glass, window locking mechanisms and window hinges. We want to help repair and maintain the tilt & turn windows you already have.

Case Study

We helped Mapeley PLC with their tilt & turn windows. Their building had over 2000 tilt and turn windows and a number of these have window mechanisms failing. We found that these mechanisms were no longer produced so we had new hardware specifically designed so that their windows could be repaired under a reactive programme. This means we are able to replace individual damaged parts on the window mechanism or carry out a whole mechanism replacement if required.

Our solution saved the company spending millions of pounds and the trouble of having to relocate employees whilst work was going on. This all meant there was a huge cost saving for Mapeley PLC and a positive route forward in maintaining the windows throughout the whole contract

tilt & turn windows - case study

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