Our Services

We provide the following repair services to facilities management companies and deliver large-scale projects to building landlords and property investors. Our national reactive repair services for all aspects of glazing, windows and doors are key to facilities customers. We understand the complexities of working in occupied buildings and as such take a tailored approach to each project and requirement.

Complimentary to all our services, we use our wealth of experience to provide building surveys to identify issues early on. Our team, versed in project management can be on hand to assist from initial project survey to planning, construction and handover.


In commercial and heavy use, even the most robust windows and doors will fail or regress without maintenance. We offer a full and comprehensive door & window repair and maintenance service. We have an extensive catalogue of historical window parts together with unique supplier/design partnerships for window hardware enabling us to be highly reactive no matter the age of your building.

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  • Full & comprehensive door & window repair & maintenance service
  • Window & Door Refurbishment
  • Full window & door replacement
  • Window & door security products
  • Application of films (solar control/privacy/impact/bomb blast/aesthetic)
  • Water ingress/leak inspection & resolution
  • Draught proofing
  • Glass replacement
  • Sealant application
  • Supply & fit of secondary glazing systems

Curtain Walling & Cladding

Curtain walling and cladded buildings offer an impressive finish on a building. Specialist cladding systems require specialist maintenance and repair. Having worked on some of the largest architectural glass buildings in the country, we can ensure that your curtain wall and cladded buildings are kept good as new.

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  • Condition and survey reports
  • High level replacement of glass and spandrel panels
  • Water Ingress investigation and resolution
  • Repairs & refurbishment to frame work and cladding panels
  • Replacement of weather seals
  • Mastic sealant application
  • Frame and cladding colour match replacements


We tailor a range of glazing repair & refurbishment, prevention and restoration programmes to ensure our clients get the absolute maximum performance out of existing installations. Programmes can range from a simple gasket change or glass pane replacement to a complete system overhaul or replacement. We use a broad variety of glazing products including toughened, laminated, float, heat-soaked, toughened-laminate, Pilkington Planar®, triple glazed, double glazed, integrated blind units, tinted glass, architectural glass, bolt-on glass assemblies and window film application (solar control, impact, aesthetic, bomb blast, privacy).

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  • Glazing maintenance
  • Roof Glazing
  • Specialist Glass Replacement
  • Glazing Repair & Refurbishment
  • Condition Surveys and Reports
  • Pilkington Planar ® preferred