Commercial Glazing Specialists

We specialises in both the planning and executing of glazing projects tailored for the commercial sector. The scope of our projects can vary, significantly, ranging from small-scale day works to extensive multi-year regeneration works. Our UK teams are able cater to diverse range client needs, providing services that encompass everything from comprehensive refurbishment of system components, to meticulous cleaning of fixtures and fittings, and even complete overhauls of entire glazing systems.

From our centralised operations hub we're able to quickly deploy our team of fully trained technicians and specialist equipment to where it is needed. We maintain readiness with both mechanical access and rope/abseil teams available for immediate deployment throughout the UK, operating 7 days a week.

This enables us to deliver prompt and efficient services tailored to your business requirements. Our specialisation lies in ensuring the safety and repair of commercial building exteriors, encompassing all aspects of glazing at elevated heights.

Take a look at some of our recent Case Studies below to see how we're already delivering for the the likes of CBRE and Knight Frank on their Commercial Glazing projects.

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Why Choose Us

Expertise & Experience

With over 30 years of trading history, our team of fully trained specialist have worked on and excelled at every type of commercial glazing job possible. This ensures we can truly support every aspect of your project, from conception right through to delivery.

Compliance & Safety Standards

On every project we're able to ensure adherence to all relevant building codes, regulations, and very latest safety standards. We provide our clients with peace of mind - knowing that we use the right materials, techniques, and equipment to deliver the best solutions. We do the job safely and we do the job right!

Customer Service Excellence

We aim to provide all our clients exceptional service from inception to completion, regardless of the project size or location. With our dedication to maintaining high standards, attention to detail, and commitment to ongoing support, our reputation for building lasting relationships with our customer is second to none.


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