Cladding & Curtain Walling Services

Curtain walling and cladding offer an impressive finish on a building. Specialist cladding systems require specialist maintenance and repair. Having worked on some of the largest architectural glass buildings in the country, A&C can ensure that your curtain walling and cladded buildings are kept looking as good as new.


Typically, curtain walling is a thin aluminium-framed wall made of glass, metal panels or thin stone. The frame is attached to the structure of the building and therefore does not carry the weight of the floor or roof of the building. It is the outer covering of the building and at its most basic function, keeps the weather out and occupants in.

We offer the following curtain walling services:

Condition & Survey Reports

Whereby we provide an initial assessment of your building and the steps that we would then recommend you take to improve quality and longevity.

High Level Replacement & Maintenance

We are trained to deal with glass and spandrel panel high level replacement and maintenance utilising a variety of high level access equipment.

Water Ingress Investigation

A full and thorough initial water ingress investigation will be carried out. Should there be a problem we find out the source then design and install custom solutions to water ingress issues.


Cladding is the protective covering on the outside of a building mainly used to protect buildings from the weather. It provides sound and thermal insulation as well as being fire resistant and can be used to help improve a building’s appearance. As it is attached to the outer layer, it does not support the building’s weight. We offer the following cladding services:

A&C Contracts offer a full repair & refurbishment service to the framework and cladding panels of your building to ensure they meet all health and safety regulations and are protecting the building

At A&C Contracts we can replace weather seals on all cladding to keep it to the highest quality and we can apply a mastic sealant, which is suitable for a wide range of materials and remains weatherproof.

For ongoing maintenance, we are able to provide colour match replacements for the framework and cladding of your building where replacements are needed to match the outside aesthetic.


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