Posted on 25-07-2017

A fire exit door is, most simply, enables the swift exit of people to safety. This means they are an important feature of a building and it’s crucial to make sure that they work well and are looked after. At A&C Contracts we can help make sure that you’re existing fire exit doors are in the condition they should be, and it they aren’t we offer a replacement service.


Fire Exit Door Replacement | A&C Contracts


Why you should get your fire exit door checked


Due to the crucial role that fire exit doors play, it’s vital that fire doors are maintained regularly so in the unfortunate event of them having to be used they will perform as they are supposed to.


Fire Exit Doors must do several things

  • Open from the inside without keys, tools or special knowledge
  • They must open outwards
  • Each exit much have a distinctive sign that says ‘Exit’
  • There must be no signs or furnishings that obscure their visibility. In a fire there is very little time to clear the room in front of the emergency exit so people can exit safely. This will also minimise trip hazards.


It is therefore important to check all aspects of the Fire Exit Doors work. Our team of experts at A&C Contracts are able to give an onsite assessment of your doors. They can be replaced if necessary and keep your building secure.


Case Study of Fire Exit Door Replacement


Fire Exit Door Replacement Fire Exit Door Replacement


The above images show the before and after of a fire exit door replacement we recently carried out. It’s important that in an emergency these doors are going to open quickly and easily. As you can see, there was a heavy amount of corrosion that had occurred on the steel. This means the integrity of the doors had been weakened and could lead to them being inoperable. We replaced the rusted doors with new sets of steel graphite grey double doors, including all push bar panic release door hardware.


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