Window Security & Door Security

Windows and doors are some of the most used parts of a building. Even the most robust of these can fail without maintenance which is why it's so important that you pay attention to your window security and door security.

A&C Contracts have an extensive catalogue of unique parts so we can be as reactive as you need to help secure your building no matter what age it is.

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London window repair and Birmingham window repair services

Window Security

Whether you have standard fitting windows, tilt & turn or pivot windows at A&C Contracts we are able to help make sure these are as secure as possible and working as they should. We offer a range of products that can help to enhance your window security, these include films for privacy and solar control.

Window security isn’t just about making sure they can open and close properly though. At A&C Contracts we are Pilkington Planar specialists which is a safe, stable and high-quality glass that can add added window security to your property.  

door security

Door Security

A&C Contracts can offer a reactive repair service to help solve any door security issues you might have with minimal disruption to your workplace. If a door can no longer help to keep your building secure, your door security can be increased with door replacement or refurbishment. Sturdy door fittings can be put in or replaced as well as door locks to any existing doors for extra door security.

If you need a more personal service for your door security, we are able to source and fit bespoke parts for an individual project. We can offer this service to a range of doors including fire safety doors and revolving doors.

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