Pilkington Planar Maintenance

Glass maintenance is one of our specialities at A&C Contracts. We have years of quality experience with our clients as a preferred contractor for Pilkington Planar maintenance.

As a market leader, it is stable and safe, which makes it an understandably popular choice and so glass maintenance should be carried out by a trustworthy contractor.

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Pilkington Planar Benefits

Pilkington Planar systems offer a range of benefits to your building. The design flexibility allows horizontal and overhead glazing to be implemented as there is no need for a full metal frame. As the glass is fixed securely, there is no compromise on safety or appearance. Other features and benefits include:

  • Freedom in design of your building
  • Improved Thermal Insulation
  • Solar performance and noise control
  • Increased strength and durability compared to other glass systems
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Pilkington Planar Effectiveness

Pilkington Planar glass systems are very effective systems. For example, it is used in the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham and at A&C Contracts we work with them on an ongoing basis to maintain their Pilkington glass facade and roof.

The complete glass facade allows a feeling of light and space only made possible with the tension structure design. This type of glazing can transform buildings look whilst maintaining complete functionality.

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