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Winter weather checks for your commercial property

Posted on Tuesday-24-10-2017

Is your commercial building ready for winter? Even with fairly moderate winters, the weather can be unpredictable and whatever winter decides to do, it’s important to check that your buildings are ready. By taking care of a few simple things before winter really...

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Secondary Glazing Installation

Posted on Wednesday-27-09-2017

Secondary glazing means a “secondary” internal window is installed on the inside of your existing window. Once it has been installed, it’s as if you have double glazing. This can be fitted alongside almost any existing window on your property. Secondary glazing...

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Revolving Door Replacement

Posted on Thursday-31-08-2017

Being at the very front of your building, revolving doors help to create a great first impression of your business. This also means that they can be prone to accidental damage and daily wear and tear. At A&C Contracts our wealth of experience allows us to quickly...

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High Level Glazing & Glass Replacement

Posted on Monday-14-08-2017

For 30 years, A&C Contracts have been trained to use all types of access equipment to maintain and repair commercial high-level glazing and glass replacement. Services can be extended to include overhead glass roofs, roof lights, industrial glazing, glazed...

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Maintenance of Pivot Windows | A&C Contracts

Posted on Friday-28-07-2017

Pivot windows are hung on one hinge at centre points on each of two opposite sides. This means that windows can revolve when they are opened. They can either be vertical with the hinges mounted top and bottom or horizontal, with the hinges mounted at each side....

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Fire Exit Door Replacement & Safety Checks

Posted on Tuesday-25-07-2017

A fire exit door is, most simply, enables the swift exit of people to safety. This means they are an important feature of a building and it’s crucial to make sure that they work well and are looked after. At A&C Contracts we can help make sure that you’re...

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Curtain Walling Maintenance & Curtain Walling Repair

Posted on Thursday-20-07-2017

At A&C Contracts we consider Curtain Walling one of our specialities having worked on many different buildings across the UK. We have years of experience to make sure your building is kept looking as good as new with curtain walling maintenance and curtain...

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Tilt & Turn Windows: Repair & Replace

Posted on Tuesday-18-07-2017

We are all looking for things that can make our lives easier, and tilt & turn windows on your property should be no exception. They should fit with the aesthetic of your property, and keep you safe, as well warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We offer...

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Cladding Maintenance & Cladding Repair

Posted on Friday-07-07-2017

Cladded buildings offer an impressive finish on a building. Specialist cladding systems require cladding maintenance and cladding repair and having worked on some of the largest cladded buildings in the country, we can ensure your cladded buildings are kept as...

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Pilkington Glass Maintenance

Posted on Tuesday-06-06-2017

At A&C Contracts when it comes to glazing repair & maintenance, Pilkington glass is one of our specialities. As one of the few referred contractors, we have years of quality experience with maintaining Pilkington glass products. The Pilkington Planar®...

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