High Level Glass Replacement

A&C Contracts have been trained to use a range of access equipment to offer high-level glass replacement for 30 years. It's important to make sure that any high level glass is maintained to be safe and secure as it can often be a fragile surface.

Whether it's a first floor window or high glass replacement on the 5th floor of your property, A&C Contracts have trained experts that can help replace your windows whilst keeping your building accessible.

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High Level Glass Replacement Services

A&C Contracts services for high-level glass replacement can be applied to the following: overhead glass roofs, roof lights, industrial glazing, glazed canopies, glazed entrances, curtain walling, windows and doors whatever your architectural glazing needs.

These types of high level glass can be subject to draughts, leaks and cracks so it’s important these are repaired or the glass is replaced to make sure that you can still safely use your building. The equipment used at A&C contracts for high level glass replacement means that we look after our own safety as well as those that may be in the area at the time.

High level glass replacement

Why High Level Glass Replacement is needed

High level glass replacement is sometimes needed for water ingress repair and to maintain any fittings and fixings on the windows. It can be easy to overlook things that aren’t at eye level but if left they can succumb to delamination, seals wearing with age and can become brittle and tear and finally, fixings can become loose.

Whilst this work may seem hazardous and complicated, A&C contracts carry out precise planning before completing any high level glass replacement so ensure everything is health and safety compliant for all building users and the general public.

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